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Life In Hell, CA: An Exclusive Interview With JIZZY PEARL

By Jason 'JRock' Houston, Contributor
Wednesday, March 30, 2022 @ 10:02 AM

"The LA scene is nothing like it used to be and quite frankly it has become very expensive to live in Los Angeles, so I really like living in Vegas now."

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I had the pleasure of speaking with legendary Singer Jizzy Pearl. Many people know Jizzy as the Lead Singer of the band LOVE/HATE that first came to fame on the famous Sunset Strip, Hollywood Rock scene so it's really no surprise Jizzy's latest album Hell, CA. which was released on Goldon Robot records on March 11th, 2022 would be released under the name of JIZZY PEARL'S LOVE/HATE. In this exclusive KNAC.COM interview we talk to Jizzy about the new album and what went into the making of the new CD.

KNAC.COM: Hello Jizzy and welcome to KNAC.COM. Today Jizzy we're talking to you about your new CD Hell, CA which was released on Goldon Robot records on March 11th, 2022. Do you consider this a solo album or a group project? I ask because it was released under the name of JIZZY PEARL'S LOVE/HATE?

PEARL: Well it's called JIZZY PEARL'S LOVE/HATE because the other guys in LOIVE/HATE have not released any new music in a real, long time. I am the sole survivor of LOVE/HATE.

KNAC.COM: You really have a great group of guys who play on the album with you. Darren Householder on Guitar for example. Any plans to do any live shows to promote the new CD and if so, would the guys who play on the new album be in your live band?

PEARL: Well yeah, I plan to do live shows later this year.

KNAC.COM: Hell, CA is a great album title by the way. Please correct me if I am wrong but is Hell, CA any reference to LOVE/HATE being part of the Sunset Strip Rock scene?

PEARL: It's taken from a song off the first LOVE/HATE album.

KNAC.COM: As for the songs on the new CD, did you co-write any of the songs with anyone?

PEARL: No, I wrote all the songs alone.

KNAC.COM: To my ears there's no filler material on this album and it gets off to a real rockin' start with "One Hot Minute"...

PEARL: Well thanks, I aim to please.

KNAC.COM: In regards to the 10 songs on the new CD, were they all written specifically for this album?

PEARL: All these songs were written during lockdown.

KNAC.COM: During the time when everyone was locked down, working on Hell, CA must have been a great way to keep yourself busy?

PEARL: In addition to working on the new album I also wrote a new book and I started a new YouTube Channel JpearlTV.

KNAC.COM: I really encourage anyone who's a Jizzy Pearl fan to go and check out the new YouTube Channel because it's got a ton of great material up there.

PEARL: It's got music videos, almost anything I've ever done can be found there and I update the site with new material when I can.

KNAC.COM: I understand that YouTube would not allow you to use the name Jizzy?

PEARL: You know, you just have to tread carefully w/YouTube with all their terms and conditions and rules so I just aired on the side of caution.

KNAC.COM: You've always written great songs, been a great performer, and written these books over the years. Let's talk about the newest book. Would you call it an autobiography?

PEARL: It's called All The Devils and it is available at my official site jizzypearl.com and the new book is a continuation of my short stories that I've done. Some of the stories are Sunset Strip related stuff I've done, it's a mixture.

KNAC.COM: Do you find writing books any different or more difficult than writing songs?

PEARL: Writing a book, especially a 300 page book, that is a lot of work. I mean that takes a lot of time. Making a record you have to write the songs, then you have to record the songs, you've got to then find the musicians that are going to play on the record, so that's a big deal too.

KNAC.COM: If you were to do any live shows to promote Hell, CA have you given any thought to what would be in the set list for those shows?

PEARL: LOVE/HATE songs, songs off of the new record but if you're asking would I be playing any L.A. GUNS songs, no I won't be doing that. The old LOVE/HATE band had a lot of records so I would do that.

KNAC.COM: What else can fans expect from you Jizzy in the next year ahead?

PEARL: Well I am doing QUIET RIOT and I tour primarily with QUIET RIOT so that's where my head is at right now but sure I think there could be more shows for JIZZY PEARL'S LOVE/HATE in the next year ahead.

KNAC.COM: Were there any songs left over from the Hell, CA recording sessions that did not make it on to the final album?

PEARL: Yeah there were a couple of songs that got left off, I whittled it down to just 10 songs.

KNAC.COM: I noticed the design on the front of Hell, CA which also appeared on your last album cover...Is that something that you designed?

PEARL: It's a tattoo I have and I use it to put on all of my stuff.

KNAC.COM: I know for the last 10 years you have lived in Las Vegas. How different is it living in Las Vegas than it was living in Los Angeles back in the day?

PEARL: The LA scene is nothing like it used to be and quite frankly it has become very expensive to live in Los Angeles, so I really like living in Vegas now.

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