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VICTORY Gods of Tomorrow

By Alex Yarborough, Orlando Contributor
Sunday, November 14, 2021 @ 11:44 AM

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Gods of Tomorrow

2021 AFM Records

Let’s not forget about the long-running German metal act VICTORY. This is the band that gave us the classic albums Don’t Get Mad ... Get Even (1986), Culture Killed The Native (1989) and Temples of Gold (1990). It’s been 10 years since VICTORY released their last album, Don’t Talk Science, in 2011. Gods of Tomorrow finds the band with an all new lineup, (except for longtime guitarist Herman Frank), who is joined by vocalist Gianni Pontillo (THE ORDER), guitarist Michael Pesin (Herman Frank’s solo band), bassist Malte Berkert (David Reece’s solo band), and drummer Mike Stein. It’s worthwhile following everything guitarist Herman Frank is involved in. His work with ACCEPT and MOON DOC was noteworthy, as are all the legendary German metal bands he’s been involved with in the past. His decision to leave ACCEPT and do his own thing has resulted in a copious amount of output from him in the past several years. He has already released a killer solo album earlier this year (the excellent Two For A Lie), and this album is no exception, as it rocks as well!

Gods of Tomorrow is VICTORY’s 11th studio album. Overall, this album is big and bold, with a huge production and mix. The drums and vocals in particular are scaled up for maximum effect. The guitars aren’t buried, of course. Expect to hear tons of harmony guitar riffs and hooks, as well as plenty of solos. Stylewise, the album alternates between whip-smart commercial-tinged hard rock anthems like “Dying In Your Arms”, “Hold On To Me” and energetic power metal songs like “Into The Light” and the title track, “Gods of Tomorrow”; songs that are full of high tempos and double bass drums. “Love and Hate” is a pulsing mid-tempo track, and an interesting choice to open the album. You can watch the video on KNAC.COM HERE. One of my favorites songs is the rollicking “Cut To The Bone”, an uptempo bluesy power rocker with throwback riffs and a savory solo. Ballad “Unconditional Love” would be a great choice for a single; this song definitely caught my ear. “My Own Desire” and “On Fire” rock with a sure confidence. “Rising Force” is another infectious, driving rock tune that is highly enjoyable, while “In Rock We Trust” is a tight and punchy sing-along song that I’ve had on repeat for a while. Album closer (and CD Bonus Track) “Leave You Alone” is a mid-tempo commercial track with just enough of an edge to satisfy.

Gods of Tomorrow is a winner because Herman Frank’s stamp is all over these songs. Although the VICTORY lineup has changed several times over the years, the quality of their songs has remained high. This band is his baby and he really knows how to craft a powerful, catchy set of tunes. It’s a winner because you can hear the passion each of the members injects into these songs, especially vocalist Gianni Pontillo, whose voice suits these songs perfectly. Gods of Tomorrow will appeal to fans of the more commercial side of German heavy metal, which VICTORY have been champions of for decades. Kai Swillus’ futuristic cover art is a nice finish to the overall package. Gods of Tomorrow will be released on November 26th by AFM Records, and will be available in limited edition gatefold vinyl, purple vinyl, and digipak. You can preorder the album HERE.

4.5 Out Of 5.0

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